Terraforming – AfK Walls

Alliance française de Karachi and Abdoz Art

30 Nov 2015, All Day

Alliance française de Karachi, Karachi


AfK, 2015


30 Nov 2015
All Day


Alliance française de Karachi
Plot/St-1, Block 8, Kehkashan, Clifton
Karachi,  75600
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ter·ra·form (tĕr′ə-fôrm′)
In the city of Karachi a number of artistic initiatives decided to reclaim walls from sectarian hate graffiti and quack cure advertisement. Following a proposal by Abdoz Arts, AfK take this occasion to create on its outer wall a singular spot and a convivial meeting point.

ter·ra·form (tĕr′ə-fôrm′)
tr.v. ter·ra·formed, ter·ra·form·ing, ter·ra·forms
(Especially in science-fiction) to alter the environment of a celestial body in order to make capable of supporting terrestrial life forms.

Trrfrmng – Phase One
After its launched beginning of September threw an open call, Terraforming is now developed collectively by 7 artists.
Xandria Noir, Noshi Arif, Sara Suleman, Syeda Sheeza Ali, Humble Tariq, Umer Asim and Baptiste Chénin gather together every week and bring face to face ideas, proposition of designs...

Those lucky encounters can be overviewed on this facebook group :

Trrfrmng – Phase Two - From the 23th of November
Carrying out of the fresco on the outer-walls of Afk. Everybody is welcome to participate and give a hand! Beside the painting the project intent to create a true meeting point in the neighborhood, through the installation of a water tap delivering fresh drinkable water to passers-by.

Trrfrmng – Phase Three - On the 30th of November
The new walls and meeting point will be inaugurated during a festive street-art-event.
Au programme : Fresh lemonade, crêpes and video installation!

Abdoz Arts and independant artists.