The Blue Whale


30 Nov - 11 Dec 2015, 9am - 6pm

Port du Gros Caillou, Paris


Un cadeau pour la Terre


30 Nov - 11 Dec 2015
9am - 6pm


Port du Gros Caillou
entre les Ponts des Invalides et de l’Alma
Paris,  75007
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On the occasion of COP21 and to raise public awareness of biodiversity issues and the protection of species, the association "A gift for the Earth" exhibit a blue whale 33.60 meters in Paris from November 30 to December 11, 2015.

Built to scale, this reproduction is the largest mammal ever listed by humans and contains an exhibition dedicated to the preservation of the planet and eco-citizen gestures. This event is the first step of a journey leading to the Blue Whale Biome, in Aquitaine, breeding and conservation station, dedicated to the protection of animal species in danger of extinction.

The blue whale, flagship of biodiversity
The blue whale is the symbol of the fragility of our Earth facing the environmental challenge. It symbolizes biodiversity and as each species plays a major role in the balance of the oceans and our environment. It conveys basic values which belong to the intimate and are shared by all. For a century, 95% of blue whales have disappeared because of unconsciousness and excesses of Man. The association A gift for the Earth, which has been working for years to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and its protection, has chosen the Blue Whale as the voice of all living beings and the standard-bearer the biodiversity.

A unique educational experience to raise awareness at COP21
The objective of the Blue Whale Project is to provide the keys to understanding the challenges facing the planet and act for the environment. The public can enter the bowels of the Blue Whale to discover a sensory multimedia exhibition. The voice of the Blue Whale, speaking on behalf of all living beings, alerts visitors to the deterioration of the oceans and more broadly our biodiversity. It will focus on the positive contributions and tracks used to save it. The focus will be on positive and concrete messages to everyone, recalling that it is primarily the addition of good behavior and eco-citizen gestures, multiplied by thousands, millions will be a blessing... for our planet. This project is the culmination of four years of work by many stakeholders involved in the preservation of biodiversity; it has the COP21 official label and part of the operation COP21 Solutions at the Grand Palais.

"Today we can no longer separate the erosion of biodiversity and global warming. The first strengthens the second and vice versa. The blue whale, and whales in general, are proof," explains Pierre Douay, environmentalist and president of A Gift to the Earth. "Early on, I dreamed of an educational approach based on the amazement. The Blue Whale Mission is a world first and is a great tool to raise public awareness on the protection of our planet."

A first step in Paris before joining the Biome in Aquitaine, in the Landes
After his Parisian stage, the blue whale and the road will join the Biome, breeding and conservation station, dedicated to the protection of animal species in danger of extinction. For the public opening of part of the establishment, Biome will generate the funds necessary to finance operations of preserving and educating the general public through a website dedicated to the preservation of this precious diversity biological. It is natural that the Biome has become the home port of the Blue Whale after COP21, to perpetuate in time the mission of awareness and environmental education.

The blue whale to the COP21 Solutions device
The Blue Whale is one of the most visible parts of COP21. More than 50,000 spectators are expected from December 4 to 10 2015 to live "Climate Experiment" at the Grand Palais and the port of Gros Caillou. Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, some thirty thematic pavilions and personalized exhibition spaces, and many highlights, conferences, concerts, scientific, artistic events ... Already, a Hub Climate Solutions is available, it s 'is the 1st contributory platform multi-player dedicated to climate solutions. COP21 Solutions is an innovative system solutions for the valuation climate created view of the COP21. The initiative is supported by the Committee 21 with the Club France Sustainability and made with Hopscotch Group and Alliantis cabinet. The goal: to show the wider public multiple products, services, processes and existing innovations to fight against climate change and its impacts.

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