Jaïs in concert at the Grand Palais


04 Dec 2015, 5 - 5:30pm

Grand Palais, Paris

Léa Chassagne


04 Dec 2015
5 - 5:30pm


Grand Palais
3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower
Paris,  75008
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A musical and audiovisual journey based on the development of body, mind and nature. A docu-concert for a change of civilization and reality. Jaïs Elalouf: Voice, synths, guitar, video. Christiane Prince: Battery (Katherine Winston McAnuff...) Thomas Pégorier: Low (Studio Paradise).

Jaïs Elalouf will present his mini album electro-docu on the occasion of COP21 – 21st Conference of the Parties on climate to be held in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015 with 196 nations represented - one of our last hopes for limiting irreversible global warming and catastrophic events already confirmed by the UN this week 2,7C °. The daily concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere exceeded the fateful threshold of 400ppm in May 2013.

This disc of an indefinable style, a kind of electro pop by docu times, dreamy or dancing, presents a range of solutions ranging from the benefits of each action, the distribution of wealth or the happy sobriety. It reveals some concrete alternatives to Advanced suicidal to an absurd system that fails to generate the satisfaction of our basic needs: clean air, healthy food and pure water (half of the world’s population will live in water by 2030).

This is an entirely public project, involving both the clubber as a researcher and has a "holistic" approach to these issues. The title "Thousand Billion" was made with the participation of Nicolas Hulot and Alena Murang'a, a musician of Borneo, a specialist of the Sape - a rare traditional instrument. This is a committed artist since his island suffered massive deforestation over 80%, due to plantations related to palm oil consumption.

The project proposes to transform human history, having a policy of civilization under the aegis of the development, taking into account the complexity. It offers a cross between two actual music albums - one French, one English, the same instrumental by Jais - and immersive live show "artivist" offset that blends filmmaking (film shoots, archive images, animation, post production), digital arts (VJ'ING, mapping...) and scalable set design (performance, dance, guest musicians). End 2016, a participatory web-media player will offer users a nonlinear visit by thematic videos, stakeholders, other videos, bonuses to read and see. They will create a community by leaving comments and sharing different content on their networks. In 2017, a contemporary art installation and a 52-minute documentary film will complete this multi-media experience. This total art project creates a new form of artist-work-public interaction through the creation of a series of eight POM films (Small Multimedia Works) conducted to raise awareness. On request the project intends to note and its foundations.

Jaïs Elalouf mixes art, sound and images, being both music producer, DJ, film director and curator. He represents UK label Ninja Tune in 1998. He creates productions based on his own films and archive footage to retro and electronic groove smoothly that cause a real uppercut consciences. Videographer: 60 video clips produced from archive images when 5 audiovisual creations (N. McLaren...) Performer Cinemix 500 concerts in 40 countries (DJ Oof) - 10 DJ mixes made. Composer of 12 tracks with two other groups: Zzouf (with Zero dB) and universe (with Lena Kaufman ). Organiser 200 Parisian concerts and parties: Solid Water, Solid Steel, Acid Test and Phew Nights Centquatre. Collector 4,000 works of psychedelic art. Commissioner 30 art exhibitions (Red House, Lyon Biennale, etc)


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