Creation Workshops Recycling Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Akiyo KAJIWARA / Association culturelle franco-japonaise Talachiné

02 - 05 Dec 2015, All Day

Espace Cinko, Ile-de-France


azuma bukuro


02 - 05 Dec 2015
All Day
) Glasses case with tatami -beri
Wednesday, December 2nd from 10:30am to 12pm, Thursday 3rd from 18h to 19h30 ,
Friday 4th 13h to 14h30, Saturday 6th from 15h30 to 17h
2) Card holder with tatami -beri
Wednesday December 2nd from 15:30 to 17h, Thursday 3 from 10:30am to 12pm
Saturday 5th from 13h to 14h30 .
3) Azuma bukuro
Wednesday December 2nd from 13h to 14h30, Thursday 3rd from 15:30 to 17h,
Friday 4th from 10:30 am to 12pm, Saturday from 18h to 19h30
4) Packaging Furoshiki
Wednesday, December 2nd from 18h to 19h30 on Thursday 3 from 13h to 14h30,
Friday 4th from 15:30 to 17h, Saturday 5th from 10:30am to 12pm


Espace Cinko
12-18 Passage Choiseul
Paris, Ile-de-France,  75002
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Akiyo Kajiwara, textile artist and president of the Association Talachiné, offers four recycling ideas in Japanese culture for Christmas presents do it yourself.

Creation workshops, Glasses case and card holders with tatami-beri

The "Tatami-beri" is resistant fabric and decorative protecting the edges of the mats. As to the evolution of the lifestyle in Japan, in Japanese homes covered with tatami, Japanese-style rooms have been replaced by Western-style rooms without tatami. In contrast, creations from the tatami made from borders are attractive due to their strength and variety of patterns and colors.

Furoshiki Wrapping creation workshop

The "Furoshiki" is a square tissue present for centuries in the Japanese culture. A practice of furoshiki, the Japanese art of folding and knotting the fabric, you can create flexible packaging bags and gift will. This allows to discover Japanese culture through art everyday. The furoshiki is one best solution for reducing the consumption of plastic bags and packaging paper.

Workshop creation Azuma bukuro

The "Azuma bukuro" is a sewn bag from a fabric rectangle whose points are knotted as a handle. Appeared in the Edo period (1603 - 1868), this type of bag was born the concept of Japanese fabric TRADITIONAL packaging furoshiki. It is reusable as an ecological bag.

Co-organizer: Association Jipango


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