Jarek Lustych

22 Nov - 31 Dec 2015, All Day

Wybrzeże Helskie, Warsaw, Poland, Mazowieckie


Jarek Lustych


22 Nov - 31 Dec 2015
All Day


Wybrzeże Helskie, Warsaw, Poland
Wybrzeże Helskie
Warsaw, Mazowieckie,  03-459
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Currently, the rate of change prevents many species to adapt to new conditions. Contemporary, semi-industrial agriculture requires an increase in crop areas, and greater flexibility.

Commonly organizing space centuries-old hedges have to go in that situation. With them vanished, many species which have there a safe haven and the rest are on the border of extinction.

My project is an attempt to identify a problem while it tries to meet with possible solutions.

With wire mesh I made a few nest boxes (wire mesh is now a popular fencing material). Then, gradually putting these boxes in the open space in Vistula/Wisła coastal forest I created a sort of artificial, intermittent hedge where many species of small birds will be able to find shelter. Variety of applied shapes has a double meaning, first, each species will be able to choose the most appropriate, and secondly an interesting, sophisticated shape will draw the attention of passers-by and allows a moment of reflection. Of course this action is of subversive nature, building nesting boxes is like putting a Band-Aid on a mortal wound.

Also, a number of wire cages can fit into the currently fashionable oppressive / post-colonial discourse, it can also be seen as metaphor for modern “disciplinary” societies, but in this case I think it would be over-interpretation.

This action is part of the project: “2° - Global Warming and its Environmental Impact”
organised by Artists in Nature International Network

Together with all the actions of this project, it will be documented on as of November 29, noon local time


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