GDP or Gaia’s Graveyards?

Barborough Kettleton

04 Nov 2015, 9 - 4:30am

Outside Lecture Theatre 7, Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester


Barborough Kettleton


04 Nov 2015
9 - 4:30am


Outside Lecture Theatre 7, Geoffrey Manton Building
Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints
Oxford Road, Manchester,  M15 6LL
United Kingdom
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One day installation at Manchester Metropolitan University tracking the decline of species since the Millennium and inviting visitors to consider the relative importance placed by today's society on the human and the other than human worlds. It asks the question "what will you tell the children"?

You are invited to attend the installation between 9.00 and 4.30 on Wednesday 4th November, 26 days before the UN Paris Climate Change Summit opens. Drawing on the artists' extensive archive of newspaper cuttings, the installations include a timeline of species lost and habitat threats since 2000 and a graphic demonstration of the emphasis placed by society and its media on the human and the other than human worlds. Visitors will be invited to reflect on the issues raised and to consider what they can do in the run up to the UN Summit.

In association with Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.


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