Hub21 – Fort d’Aubervilliers

By the Association Art en Ville

27 Nov - 11 Dec 2015, 12 - 12am

Fort d'Aubervilliers, Paris




27 Nov - 11 Dec 2015
12 - 12am


Fort d'Aubervilliers
170 avenue Jean Jaurès
Aubervilliers, Paris,  93300
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The bus station in the Fort d'Aubervilliers will be transformed thanks to the intervention of several artists from the urban arts scene, such is the ambition of Hub21 operation.

Many of the COP21 conference participants will travel via the bus station in Fort d'Aubervilliers (which becomes one of the official public transport hubs of the conference connection between the 7 subway line and a shuttle set up by RATP for the Paris).

The Art Association in the City proposed for AFTRP to highlight this space through the intervention of artists from the European urban arts scene. Artsits were chosen from the In Situ Art Festival 2014 held in the Fort d'Aubervilliers, a major event in the world of urban art.

The bus station site, because of its large size, lends itself particularly well to the action of urban artists, used to producing works for large formats on urban media.

Association Art en Ville