melt (in the heat of the moment)

Dance - Adam Sébire

19 Sep 2015, 5 - 10pm

BEAMS Festival, Sydney




19 Sep 2015
5 - 10pm


BEAMS Festival
Kensington Street, Chippendale
Sydney, Sydney ,  2008
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melt (in the heat of the moment) borrows a thermographic imager from climate scientists in order to project live dance.

melt (in the heat of the moment) employs a thermal imaging camera to project live dance for the BEAMS arts festival in Sydney, Australia.

The imager is generously loaned by the University of Technology, Sydney's C3 Climate Change Cluster, where it's normally used to analyse leaf temperatures in Australia's arid zones.

The device records heat data in infrared wavelengths, visualising them in colour spectra apprehensible to the human eye. By adjusting the device's parameters in ways probably unintended by its engineers, the resulting thermal aesthetic offers us a decidedly non-human perspective on the Anthropocene: the epoch in which human activities have impact on a planetary scale. The images are live-projected onto glass coated with Greek yoghurt to form a screen. They are interspersed with thermographic images of rural and urban environments.

The dance itself explores how the heat energy of our bodies shapes the world around us: from the way touch changes personal relationships to a global level, where our action and inaction warms the planet.

Adam Sébire - thermographic artist
Robyn Seiboth - choreographer


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