One Bike, One Year: a solo trip with a focus on storytelling, water, and climate change


21 Sep 2014 - 01 Oct 2016, All Day

One Bike, One Year, New York



21 Sep 2014 - 01 Oct 2016
All Day
The trip will end once I have collected 1001 stories.


One Bike, One Year
81 Central Park West
Central Park, New York,  10023
United States
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For the last year I have been travelling around the world to collect 1001 stories from people I meet about water and/or climate change ( I make audio recordings from people I meet. The plan is to make a map on a website where you can click on a point and listen to a story.

On 21 September 2014, 400,000 climate activists gathered in New York City for the People’s Climate March, an 85-block-long tide of humanity walking from Central Park to the UN. The purpose? To demand that world leaders take meaningful measures to address climate change. I was a drop in that ocean.

Since then I have been slowly travelling the world for a year, mostly by bicycle, to collect 1,001 stories from people I meet about water and climate change. Sometimes I make an audio recording of their story.

The bicycle is my primary mode of transportation, but by no reason the main focus of my trip. I use my bicycle as a tool for human connection – a way of meeting people and listening to their stories about water and climate change. Slow cycling, for me, means valuing human interactions over speed. I don’t tally the kilometres as I go. I’m not competing with anyone. There’s no windscreen between me and the elements. My only goal is to listen.

When I stop in a place long enough to listen, I meet people, many of whom are interested in what the heck a 23-year-old woman is doing riding her bicycle alone around the world. They offer me all kinds of help, whether it’s water to fill my bottles, a place to pitch a tent for the night or, more often than not, a shower, meal, and a place to sleep in a spare room or mattress on the floor. These are the benefits of travelling as a solo female; while I might be excluded from some spaces, I am welcomed into so many more.

In the past 12 months, I have travelled slowly in the US, Fiji, Tuvalu, New Zealand, and Australia. I have no intentions of stopping soon.


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