Telling the Bees


27 Sep 2015, 10:30am - 12pm

Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel, Linz



27 Sep 2015
10:30am - 12pm
The event is divided into a shadow play (performance) and a workshop (participatory) for the whole family.


Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel
Langgasse 13
Linz, Linz ,  4020
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Telling the Bees is an environmental theater art project that deals with the vanishing of the honey bee and Colony Collapse Disorder. In a 20 minute shadow theatre excerpt, Sina Heiss and Martyna Grydlik tell a story about love, loss and bees in a joyful and meditative way. An event for the whole family!

The structure of the project invites for creative synergies between artists and audience to raise awareness about environmental issues. It deals with the vanishing of the honey bee and Colony Collapse Disorder and connects this topic to human society, politics and culture.

Telling the Bees is a theatre piece for communities and wants to call to action in times of environmental crisis. Originally, it is inspired by an old, English custom, that was performed hundreds of years ago and which connects the art of storytelling with the art of bee keeping:

The telling of the bees is a traditional English custom, in which bees would be told of important events in their keeper's lives, such as births, marriages, or departures and returns in the household. The bees were most commonly told of deaths in their master's family. The custom was prevalent all over England. (...) If the custom was omitted or forgotten then it was believed a penalty would be paid, that the bees might leave their hive, stop producing honey, or die.

Sina Heiss: Direction, Performance, Production
Martyna Grydlik: Performance, Production
Gabrielle Sinclair: Story
Original design: Miranda Kahn and Christina Stone