The Forest Republic

Urban reforestation

04 Nov - 20 Dec 2015, 12 - 12am

Zone Sensible, Paris


Parti Poétique


04 Nov - 20 Dec 2015
12 - 12am
Lancement de la seconde campagne de reforestation fin-octobre.
Programmation en cours.
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Zone Sensible
26 rue Arthur Fontaine
Saint-Denis, Paris,  93200
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In continuation of its project at the Honey Bank, the collective of French artists le Parti Poétique initiates the urban reforestation program: the Forest Republic.

The presence of the urban tree, initially considered as ornamental, now plays a major role in the air quality including carbon sequestration. While not the solution to global warming, the tree has become a major player in our ability to curb the effects of global warming in urban areas.

Man's fate is closely linked to the fate of trees; and if the tree does not need a man to live, the converse is not true and for us the tree is a vital need.

The Forest Republic, is a "living and social sculpture" that links the trees to humans, bees, territories, climate and highlights a worrying now an uncertain future.

The Forest Republic seeks to provide a direct link between the living resources of the territory: citizens, employees, community, natural, instead of the tree and city bees.

It is the next stage of a process initiated in 2000 with the experimental apiary installed by Parti Poétique in Saint-Denis (93), the creation of its experimentation centre Sensitive Zone and the project of the Honey Bank, which radiates and scatters in different regions of France and Europe.

Also on the principle of a "pivot action" between environmental art, the Forest Republic of Parti Poétique seeks through art to go to the unconverted public meeting environmental and climate issues by allowing them to take part in an urban reforestation movement.

This "link project" weaves connections between ideas, resources and territories. Initiated in March 2015, the second reforestation campaign will begin in autumn 2015 ahead of the COP21 and will continue in 2016.
This forest gets in the way of "queens Bank", a new life Bank. It activates the principle of ecological balance necessary for the current densification of the city by a biomass densification - More Nature over more town.

The project process involves the establishment of participatory workshops in collaboration with local authorities, residents (children and adults), employees, companies to produce by all appropriate means from 2015 a real urban forest: The Forest Republic.

(Seating limited to 20-30 persons par workshop)

Founded in 2003, le Parti Poétique is an artists collective, of thinkers and doers together around issues and bees they pose in public space.

Using the bee as a sensitive developer territories, the project developed by the group sets up a collaboration between an animal millions of years and fully invested and altered by human environment. |

Région Île de France, Plaine Commune, Plaine Commune Promotion, Conseil général de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Ville de Saint-Denis


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