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05 - 07 Dec 2015, 11am - 5pm

Martin Grant Atelier, Paris


Peter Hunt Image


05 - 07 Dec 2015
11am - 5pm


Martin Grant Atelier
10 rue Charlot
Paris,  75003
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VERISIMILITUDE uses images of desolate weather stations, sounds of radiosondes transmitting back to earth and a central installation, “The Weather Station of the Imagination” to trigger an emotional response to the consequences of a 2 ºC warmer world.

The image of the desolate weather station haunting the temperate landscape offers a poetic reminder of the ambivalent nature of truth. Does truth lie in the reliability of automation and in data?

Or does it balance on a fault line between what machines can tell us and the interpretation of the human eye, the human mind?

At the heart of Verisimilitude lies The Weather Station of the Imagination. The last occupant has left. Why? Has humanity ignored the signs?

Additionally, Verisimilitude includes sound recordings that have been transmitted back to earth by radiosondes into empty rooms.

We see but are we looking?
We hear but are we listening?

The project taken as a whole intersects art and documentary. It is a poignant provocation as the world grapples with issues of climate change.

We are showing in a private atelier. Numbers are limited. The Weather Station of the Imagination may not be suitable for children.

VERISIMILITUDE is supported by Eurostar, Martin Grant, Graeme Black, Bird & Bird Lawyers, Colvin Communications, StudioShaunDew, Bray Chan Accountants.


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