ZOE Reef reFORMed

Living Sea Sculpture

10 Dec 2015 - 31 Dec 2016, 5 - 7pm

Centro Bek, Quintana Roo




10 Dec 2015 - 31 Dec 2016
5 - 7pm
Our first day, December 10th, will be the beginning of a participatory art and science project that will evolve in further workshops through February (dates TBD). Hands-on ways to spark positive action to address climate change are our inspiration and dedication. We wish we could be with you in Paris! We are grateful to be focusing on this critical issue from Cancun and producing less carbon emissions.


Centro Bek
Rojo Gomez
Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo,  77580
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A workshop for kids to create a colorful interpretation of an underwater coral restoration sculpture will take place in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Coral scientists and artists will guide them to populate the collaborative reFORMed reef with their own papiêr-maché corals and fish, culminating in a short animation.

With bureaucracy delaying the installation of our coral restoration sculpture into the sea for 4.5 years now, we can't live-stream our life supporting reef ecosystem with our sub-aquatic webcam onto a building in Paris for COP21 as we had hoped. NO time to despair. Most people don't know about the many threats facing coral reefs here, Climate Change being one of many, and the positive actions we can make to help them.

On December 10th from 5-7PM at Centro Bek in Puerto Morelos, we will host our introductory workshop with up to 10 kids, all ages. A coral scientist working on nurseries will give a brief presentation to inspire and inform. Artists will lead the kids to create a papier-maché rendering of ZOE, a welded steel matrix, like DNA, that will be electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with marine organisms in the Cancun sea.

After multiple workshops with kids from various backgrounds, including those with cancer, homeschoolers, and kids from small villages and coastal fishing towns like Puerto Morelos, reliant on tourism and fishing on the reef, we will make a short animation of our fantastical reef reFORMed and celebrate how this artwork is an integral part of the journey to bring the Living Sea Sculpture, ZOE, to life in the ocean. It takes YEARS for corals to build reefs, and we need them greatly in this hurricane zone. We want to give our endangered wildlife a chance by giving kids and their families an opportunity to discover and care for corals through this imaginative, playful, and hands-on project that is directly linked to the practical methodologies of coral restoration. All of us will be envisioning corals - healthy and thriving - as we sculpt and paint them into terrestrial reality mirroring the magical world below the reflective, watery surface.

Miranda Ortíz - Centro Bek, Producer
Gustavo Isaac Navarette Castillo- Artist (papiêr-mache expert)
Melína Soto - Coral Biologist, TEDxCancún Speaker Curator
Elisa Lopez Garcia - Marine Biologist, TEDxCancún Speaker Curator
Colleen Flanigan - Artist, Producer, Founder - Living Sea Sculpture
Mónica Alba Murillo - Marine Biologist , TEDxCancún Licensee
Marisol Rueda Flores - Biologist, Marine Resource Manager/Coordinator for Healthy Reefs Mexico
Lyn Ohala Santos - Marine Biologist, Sustainability Corporate Manager at Karisma Hotels
Ingmar Gonzalez Krotzsch - Artist, Engineer

Celeste Wahl
Gerry Ohrstrom
Patrick and Anita Flanigan
Edward Hochman