ex Oceano ~ we are from the Ocean ~ the Ocean sustains us


01 - 31 May 2016, 8 - 9pm

TBA, Hobart



01 - 31 May 2016
8 - 9pm
Performance of the symphony is under discussion for sometime in 2016. Performance details will be advertised through the ex Oceano website within Lynchpin, as they become available. You can listen to ex Oceano now on Spotify:

Hobart,  7000
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A love song — a symphony written in response to the science of the changing Ocean ~ dedicated to those whose lives are given to Ocean science.

The Ocean covers around 71% of the planet’s surface; the remaining =~ 29% is the landmass on which around 7.3 billion of us live.

'the Ocean sustains life
it connects all things
it is the thread that binds the web of life together'

In 2012-13, the Tasmanian based Lynchpin program invited Australian composer, Matthew Dewey, to collaborate with two PhD candidates in Ocean Science from the state’s prestigious Antarctic and Southern Ocean research establishments.

From this collaboration came a symphony – ex Oceano – a work that speaks to the deeper feelings that arise in response to an emerging understanding of the impacts of human activities on the temperature and chemistry of the Ocean.

'Music expresses emotion – that’s what music does well … This is such a deep concern for scientists … they’ve dedicated their lives to this … discovering what we can do to stem the radical change to our environment.' Matthew Dewey, Composer ex Oceano

'The Ocean has changed more rapidly in the past thirty years than during the whole of human history.' Prof Callum Roberts, University of York, UK

In the composer’s words:

'the very last moment is a moment of reflection, where the orchestra is almost a bell –
it’s saying “who knows what’s next?” –
we’re waiting now'

The music

The story
ABC’s Radio National Program Off Track, 31 .10. 2015

The science
that informs the symphony