Journey of the Private Moon


07 - 11 Dec 2015, All Day

The Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest


Leonid Tishkov


07 - 11 Dec 2015
All Day

The Romanian Peasant Museum
Soseaua Kiseleff 3, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, 011341
Bucharest,  011341
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L'exposition"Journey of the Private Moon" présente les photographies faites par Leonid Tishkov, les cartes des zones touchées par les activités industrielles, les vidéos par les organisations environnementales non gouvernementales locales et ... La Lune elle-même.

Around late August of 2015 the people of Romania were to observe a rather unusual event: a 2000 kilometer long moonlight path across the country. It was the Moon acting like a marker, drawing a line on the land's map and our attention to it:
Piatra Craiului National Park - virgin beech forests and areas of complete deforestation;
Trovanții or the growing stones and the depleted deposits of Rosia Montana;
The Santamaria-Orlea stone church full of light, and the small church from Geamana, the erased village, immersed in the toxic, man-made lake for copper deposit and toxic waste;
The walls of the formaldehyde factory from Sebes and the fence of one’s home behind CET Rovinari.
This extraordinary travel was recorded by Leonid Tishkov in twelve photographs and through notes from witnesses, pins on the ecological map and recordings of it.
The Journey of the Private Moon exhibition encapsulates this trip by presenting the photographs made by Leonid Tishkov, maps of the areas affected by industrial activities, videos by the local environmental non-governmental organizations and…The Moon itself.

Leonid’s poetic and metaphysic oeuvre is realised in a diverse and often unconventional range of media, including installations, sculpture, video, photography, works on paper and books. He joined Cape Farewell on the 2010 Arctic Expedition.

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