29 Nov 2015, 2 - 5pm

Royal Sunalta Park, Calgary


Fergus Dunnet


29 Nov 2015
2 - 5pm

Royal Sunalta Park
1737 14th Ave SW
Calgary,  T3C 0W4
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'Rooms' est une installation-performance qui aborde l'adaptation humaine dans le contexte du changement climatique. Grâce à une performance de danse-théâtre qui se déroule à l'intérieur de «chambres» construites à cette occasion.

As part of the Global Climate Rally (sponsored by CCAN and Avaaz), kloetzel&co. presents Rooms, a dance theatre performance work that tackles how humans adapt to environmental transformation. The performance will take place on November 29th at 2pm in Royal Sunalta Park, 1737 14th Ave SW in Calgary, AB.

Rooms examines the climate change discourse by employing particular individuals to represent the masses of people that will be directly impacted by climate change. Through a series of heartfelt and revealing solos performed inside individual, porous ‘rooms’, the work exposes both the limits and the possibilities in our efforts to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Rooms develops from a workshop scenario where community members – students, artists, and/or residents of the neighbourhood where the work appears – get together for daily sessions to build both the ‘rooms’ in which they will perform as well as the performance itself, which involves sound, text, and movement.

During the first part of the workshop, participants learn the techniques for building a portable structure or ‘room’ from Scottish visual artist and maker Fergus Dunnet. In the second part of the workshop, participants develop a solo to take place inside their newly built structures with the help of Canadian director/dance theatre artist Melanie Kloetzel (kloetzel&co.). The solos delve into how they (or their character) will manage the adaptation necessary to live on a transforming planet. Finally, the workshop results in a 30-45 minute installation ‘village’ for an audience to tour. The personal nature of the solos in conjunction with the group sections performed by the ‘village’ as a whole helps underscore the theme of individual and community adaptation to a global phenomenon.

Calgary Climate Action Network
University of Calgary


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