Sinfonía Trópico: le festival

Festival art-science

17 - 21 Nov 2015, All Day

Bogotá, Colombia



17 - 21 Nov 2015
All Day
17 novembre, 17h - Screening of UTRÓPICO/DISTRÓPICO and VERDE at Museo Nacional of Bogota

20 novembre, 15h - 22h - Marathon at FLORA ars+natura, Bogotá

21novembre, 20h - 23h30 - Art exhibition and concert at Casa 969, Bogotá

We will have together with Colectivo Atempo the Festival Entre Árboles with workshops, performances and happenings in the Park Way in Teusaquillo - Bogotá.

Bogotá, Colombia,  101100
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SINFONÍA TROPICO est une initiative qui vise à attirer l'attention sur la biodiversité, la déforestation et le changement climatique en Colombie à travers l'art et la science. Seront présentés du 17 au 22 novembre, les principaux résultats d'une année forte en événements.

SINFONÍA TRÓPICO raises awareness about the loss of biodiversity and the risks of deforestation and climate change in Colombia through events that combine art and science, to bring scientific concepts closer to the community, in a simple and inspiring language.

SINFONÍA TRÓPICO has worked in five specific regions of Colombia (Urabá, Orinoco, Amazonia, Chocó, Páramos), each characterized by its richness in species and unique ecosystems. In these regions socio-economic changes are latent and this situation has put local communities and the biodiversity of the areas under pressure. At the same time, a complex set of economic interests has further threatened cultural diversity and traditional knowledge.

SINFONíA TRÓPICO creates spaces for dialogue and debate on the value of biodiversity and nature, through workshops and interaction between scientists, artists and communities. It also raises awareness about one of the greatest environmental challenges and extreme risk to the human species: the destruction of rainforest and loss of genetic diversity on our planet.

SINFONÍA TRÓPICO will host one week of events, exhibitions and debates in Bogotá, to show the results of one year of work in the different regions in Colombia. From November 17 – 21 concerts, performances, panel discussions, screenings, exhbitions and activities in the public space will take place. The entrance is free and open for the public.

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