In response, and moving ahead:

19 Nov 2015

In response to the tragic recent events in Paris, we – COAL and Cape Farewell – believe spearheading an inspiring, collaborative and creative global culture to mark and amplify COP21 negotiations is more important than ever. Cultural exchange is the best defense against all extremism. It is no coincidence that it is precisely culture that was systematically attacked in recent events in Paris, whether the killings at Charlie Hebdo or the Bataclan, where so many from so many different cultures came together as one, in sporting events, cafes, concerts.

We must not allow the actions of a suicidal minority to divert attention from mankind’s most urgent challenge; posed by ecological destruction and climate change. This would only add further tragedy to what we have already experienced.

Indeed, these potentially catastrophic environmental issues affect the future of all humanity, and know no boundaries and no discrimination. The consequences of climate change, reliance on oil and the ever growing ecological crises are already threatening our resources and exacerbating inequalities and poverty; precisely the conditions that feed these wars and terrorism in the first place.

We are working with ever greater conviction to implement the program ArtCop21– with 400 events taking place over 46 countries we have the tide behind us – we must, and will, go on.