Urban DataScape on the Banks of the Seine

30 Apr 2015

Olga Kisseleva et Coal présentent Urban DataScape

Urban DataScape is an interactive multimedia installation which immerses the viewer in the heart of Parisian climate issues. Designed for the Banks of the Seine, this work inaugurates the launch of ArtCOP21, a cultural event on climate change that will take place throughout the year up until COP21.

Invited by COAL to investigate the Banks of the Seine, the artist Olga Kisseleva created Urban DataScape, which allows individuals to connect to their urban environment and reveal their collective dimension and systemic issues related to climate. The work was developed specifically for ArtCOP21 in collaboration with the laboratory Art & Science of the Sorbonne, the Parisian Agency for Climate, Weather and France architect Etienne Delprat.

Urban DataScape is a monumental installation that playfully uses QRCode, which once offered individuals the opportunity to travel in an enriched digital landscape and connect to historical, economic, political, cultural, social and climate related in the world and in their immediate environment. The individual is also invited to participate in an interactive game where he/she will have to confront their own behaviour in relation to climate change.

Urban DataScape also offers a non-market reappropriation of the QR-code to encourage citizen involvement and participation of all the great climate challenge through the digital potential.



The first appointment of ArtCOP21 , the Paris Climate Events 2015

The inauguration of Urban DataScape is the first appointment of ArtCOP21, a cultural event organized by CAPE FAREWELL and COAL — the two leading players in Europe mobilising artists and cultural actors on climate issues for the 21th Conference of United Nations Climate, to be held in Paris from November 30 to December 11, 2015.  ArtCOP21 is officially labelled COP21 — Climate Paris in 2015 by the Secretariat General of the COP21 and the City of Paris. ArtCOP21, supported by the European Union, the Ministry of Ecology , Sustainable Development and Energy the Ministry of Culture and Communication, ADEME and the Region Ile de France.

Olga Kisseleva  

Olga Kisseleva is an artist and founder of Art & Science laboratory, playing a pioneering role in the field of contemporary art research and reflection on emerging forms of creation. The work of Olga Kisseleva intertwines the actions that take place in urban settings or “networks” with interventions in galleries and museums.

Etienne Delprat

Étienne Delprat is an architect and artist, a PhD student in the laboratory Art and Sciences, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. He collaborates with various institutions and creators on projects which are at the intersection of the city, the landscape, art, and sustainable development.

Art and Science Laboratory, Institute CATE, UMR 8218, CNRS, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Situated on a line of research combining art with the exact sciences, natural sciences, and political science, laboratory research line proposes to develop, analyze and promote collaborative projects jointly developed by scientists. The federate search online collaborative initiatives among researchers, artists and scientists who will design all the works while simultaneously analyzing their emergences. The crossing of disciplines will be realized by virtue of concepts, models, methods and materials. This interdisciplinary approach will reconstruct artificially fragmented reality by the compartmentalization of knowledge and aims to understand the acquisition of transversal skills. It aims to engage as many of the issues directly related to the world of art to open it to a wider field, the sciences.  

Parisian Climate Agency

The PCA is the operational agency in the fight against climate change and for energy transition of Paris by 2020. With 90 members, the Paris Climate Agency is involved, since 2011, to achieve the objectives of the Energy Climate Plan 2015 in Paris. APC continues to work on information, advocacy and support in the Paris, given the dynamics of the international Climate Conference Paris 2015 (COP21) to be held from 30 November to 11 December 2015 at Le Bourget.  Find the entire Kit Climate Energy 2015 program of the CPA.