Power to Business: Band Films

12 Nov 2015

Bristol-based brothers Tom and Peter Martin have built their very own film studio in the city, and it’s not just their screen that’s green: every light, camera and kettle is powered by Good Energy.

We visited their company, Band Films, to ask about their ethos and why they switched for good.

Band Films Bristol - Good Energy

What is Band Films?

Band Films is a young, growing film and video production company based in central Bristol. A labour of love built by two brothers passionate about film, Tom and Peter have created the only renewable-powered studio in the South West.

In a notoriously energy-hungry industry, Band Films is providing an eco-friendly option for filmmakers. “We encourage people to recycle here, guide them towards using more energy efficient lighting and provide alternatives to water bottles and paper plates on set. We’re not eco warriors or anything, it’s just good practice.”

Energy usage

A film studio needs lights, lights and more lights. For Band Films this means:

  • 5 tungsten lamps, each of which will use the same energy in just 2 hours than an average household uses in a whole day
  • 4 large space lights, each using more than 160 times the energy needed to power a 32” LED TV
  • LED and Kino Flo lighting systems, which are more energy efficient than the larger lamps and give off less heat (meaning no sweaty actors!)

Tom and Peter also reckon they share about six tea rounds a day: that’s another 178kWh a year powered by Cornish sunshine, Scottish wind and Welsh rain.

Why did you choose Good Energy?

Peter says, “We both use green energy providers at home, so it was a no brainer to carry it across to the business. We were also born and raised in Chippenham, so the fact that Good Energy is based there felt like a sign.

We assumed using a renewable electricity supplier would be more expensive, but it turned out to be significantly cheaper than any of the Big 6 – we reckon we’re saving about £60 a month.”

What would you say to other businesses looking to switch to renewable energy?

“Do it – what are you waiting for? It makes sense on a lot of levels – from a cost, best practice and marketing point of view there are no cons.

We rely on electricity as much as any business so if we can rely on Good Energy, you can too. It was very easy to switch over, it was lovely dealing with people just down the road, and all questions were answered without having to ask.”

Good Energy supplies thousands of pioneering businesses and organisations including Friends of the Earth, Rapanui Clothing and Superdry.

Learn more about Band Films on their website, or follow them on Twitter at @BandFilms