Registration now open

26 Jan 2015

Stefan Shankland, The world is changing art approach HQAC Aubervilliers, 2013. Photo: Damien Lequeux

We are pleased to announce ArtCOP21 event registration is now open.

COAL and Cape Farewell invite you to become part of an exceptional city-wide climate festival and hundreds of events to be staged around the world during COP21. Act on this exciting momentum and use the ArtCOP21 framework to organise and amplify your own climate event, it being a competition, concert, artwork, performance, lecture, choreography, poem or whatever you would prefer to organise.

Together we will show what the impact of a transformative, visionary and inspiring artwork can be and work towards a cleaner, healthier, creative and more exciting future.

Registration is now open, you can add your event now.