September – December 2015

An exceptional global
climate festival

Climate is everyone’s business. Join the cultural movement towards a carbon neutral, clean future. We need the negotiations taking place during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) to succeed and build a sustainable global culture. Climate change is often seen through a policy or scientific lens, and solutions are discussed only in political offices, boardrooms and negotiating halls. ArtCop21 launched ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris, aims to challenge those tropes. Climate is culture. What is required is the active engagement of citizens worldwide in the urgency, value and opportunities of a transition away from fossil fuels and the embracing of a greener, sustainable future economy.

So – we did it! ArtCOP21 connected hundreds of thousands of people to the climate challenge through an extensive global programme of over 550 major events;  installations, plays, exhibitions, concerts, performances, talks, conferences, workshops, family events and screenings – plus a whole range of people power gatherings and demonstrations – taking place right across Paris and in 54 total countries worldwide. All these events highlighted the need for governments meeting in Paris to support strong climate action and signal the end of the fossil fuel era – making climate change a people issue, not one to be left solely to the politicians. #FightForTheFuture

Banksy, Global Warming, 2009, street art, rights reserved.

Committed to change

As wild weather events occur worldwide and our scientists demand that we engage with the global challenge of climate change, we still do not have a plan to address and find solutions to potentially catastrophic climate disruption. The treaty of Paris, achieved at least, signals only the very first step – and a global consensus that action is needed. But it is not enough – and still points towards a 3+ degree warming. The cultural revolution for climate begins here.

Art Orienté objet, Que le cheval vive en moi, 2011. Photo: Miha Fras

Creative action to inspire the world

The time is now and we need to have new ideas and new actions that address the core issues of climate change. ArtCOP21 will deliver, through partnerships, creativity and action, a positive vision for a sustainable future. We have the technology, we have the necessary instrument – we urgently need the will power to change and built a sustainable and vibrant future culture.

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Emergency Room, Thierry Geoffroy

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