360 by bike: A round the world tour for climate action, telling stories of humans and the climate

Forrest Watkins

28 Nov - 05 Dec 2015, All Day

EMU Amphitheatre, OR



28 Nov - 05 Dec 2015
All Day


EMU Amphitheatre
13th & University
Eugene, OR,  97403
United States
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When COP21 comes to pass, I'll be 3,000 km into a 40,000 km bicycle tour of the world aimed at examining the human experience of climate change through art and stories.

Every day, people from every nation feel more acutely the effects of climate disruption. Every day, people of all races, creeds, geographies and social classes rise for climate action. These people are bringing about fundamental social change at a community level. They’re starting to follow models that allow them to prosper more equitably and stably than unchecked economic growth ever did. In many ways, in many places, we’re still lost in the thrall of more things and false pragmatism, but in others we’re already well on our way to the next generation of social change.

360bybike is an around-the-world bicycle tour for climate action, and I’m Forrest, its founder. Over the next four years I’ll travel one circumference of the earth by bike, joined along the way by an ever-changing group of artists, activists, scientists and storytellers. We’ll help tell the story of a rising tide of people, of organizations and businesses and communities that are standing for a just and sustainable future. We’ll experiment with digital storytelling and idea sharing as tools for social movements. We’ll contribute more concretely to the climate movement by raising $10,000 for

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