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Théâtre National de Nice

02 Dec 2015, 12 - 12am

Théâtre National de Nice, PACA


Sem Alain


02 Dec 2015
12 - 12am
Mercredi 2 décembre
Durée 1h


Théâtre National de Nice
Promenade des Arts
Nice, PACA,  06300
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Performance given by 8 dancers and musicians

A 'grounding' experience that fuses sound, image and the flow that surrounds us, overhauling them and leaving us irrevocably changed.

Choreography by Frank Micheletti

Dancers Gabriela Ceceña, Idio Chichava, Sara Tan, Esse Vanderbruggen [distribution in progress] music composed, performed and mixed live by Frank Micheletti, Benoît Bottex, Sheik Anorak, Jean-Loup Faurat

News that the end of Western civilisation is set to draw to an end in 2090 is met with a pinch of dejection. And when you look at the disproportionate role played by capitalism in our lives, despondency grows. This piece takes a long, hard look at reality. Yet the result is a revitalising cocktail that dismantles the scaffolding of our planet.

For the past fifteen years, the cosmopolitan Kubilai Khan Investigations company has been creating new artistic dynamics that shift our centre of gravity and shatter our conditioning. Moving in harmony with the lifeblood of our planet, from the coasts of Mozambique to Tokyo Bay, the eight dancers whip up a poetic, contemporary, sensual storm.

These incredibly talented, dynamic performers encourage us to dip into unprecedented experiences. Contemporary dancers, a sound 25 artist, a filmmaker and musicians intertwine like fingers on a same hand to bring us new movements and bind us to a world that could operate differently. What if we began to see ourselves as the change we want to generate in the world?

Produced by Kubilai Khan Investigations, Théâtre des Salins - SN de Martigues, Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson Centre de Développement Chorégraphique, CCN de Tours, Le Pôle arts de la scène - La Friche Belle de Mai - Marseille, CDN de Rouen, L’Arsenal - Metz


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