Souls offended. Bearskin on April sky [Inuit]. The pencil of God has no eraser [Susu]

Théâtre National de Nice

02 - 04 Dec 2015, 12 - 12am

Théâtre National de Nice, PACA


Philippe Geslin


02 - 04 Dec 2015
12 - 12am
Mercredi 2 décembre 21h Peau d’ours sur ciel d’avril [Inuit]
Vendredi 4 décembre 20h30 Le crayon de Dieu n’a pas de gomme [Soussou]
Durée 1h10


Théâtre National de Nice
Promenade des Arts
Nice, PACA,  06300
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A journey to the far-flung reaches of the world, a poetic immersion amidst endangered peoples, leading us to question our place on this planet.

Travel journals and exhibition

Directed, stage design and wardrobe by Macha Makeïeff

filmed and photographed by Philippe Geslin

With Philippe Geslin vocals Aïssa Mallouk, Philippe Geslin, Macha Makeïeff [Le crayon de Dieu n’a pas de gomme]

A sensitive globe-trotter and ethnologist, Philippe Geslin returned from his travels to the end of the world armed with notebooks and photographs of his fields of research: the ice floes of Greenland and the mangroves of Guinea. Weakened and endangered by globalisation, the communities he meets have developed a certain resistance mechanism, an ability to reinvent themselves. Through him, the legacy of the Sussus and the last of the Inuit hunters are brought to the stage. They offer us a glimpse of noble humanity, whose rudimentary existence is matched by their wisdom and courage. The ethnologist reads from his travel journals, surrounded by his remarkable photographs. Both enthusiastic and troubled, he parts the veil over these magical worlds that he has come to understand, and tells the tale of extraordinary lives forged by the elements. The explorer is the main character in this visual story composed by Macha Makeïeff, and illustrated by astonishing archive footage and never-before-heard recordings from these faraway lands.

Produced by La Criée - Théâtre National de Marseille