La Part du Colibri


11 - 12 Dec 2015, 12 - 12am

Théâtre National de Nice, Nice


A. Mellon


11 - 12 Dec 2015
12 - 12am
Vendredi 11 décembre 20h30
Samedi 12 décembre 15h30 et 20h30
55 min.
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Théâtre National de Nice
Promenade des Arts
Nice, Nice ,  06300
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A touching, uplifting eco-friendly fable for kids that handles a hot topic with lightness and humour.

An eco-friendly fable for the future based on texts by Stéphane Jaubertie Yaël Tautavel ou l’enfance de l’art, Françoise Du Chaxel La Terre qui ne voulait plus tourner & the writings of Pierre Rabhi directed by Alexandra Tobelaim.

with Flore Grimaud, Carlos Martins, Olivier Thomas stage design, music by Olivier Thomas
The story takes place in 2051 on an imaginary island. The young Yaël has never seen an animal because he was born after the 'great exodus'. He encourages his sister Anah to set off on an adventure to the Great Earth to fulfil his dream: to finally see the animals. But following a signalling problem, the two children find themselves parachuting down to a dead planet: the year is 2073, and Earth is inhabited by stuffed animals in glass display cases. Pierre Rabhi narrates the disaster, as Yaël fights to change the course of the story...thanks to the help provided by kids in the audience. How can he get the Earth spinning again?

How can he bring life back? The hands fly up. The children sit in a circle around the stage, shouting out ideas to the two dazzlingly talented actors. The politically-engaged writings of Stéphane Jaubertie and Françoise Du Chaxel are deftly directed by Alexandra Tobelaim. The drops of water carried by the humming-bird might just be enough to put out the fire after all.

produced by the Compagnie Tandaim production support, artists in residence Théâtre Joliette-Minoterie - Marseille, 3bisf - lieu d’arts contemporains - Aix-en-Provence with the support of the City of Cannes and the PACA Region