Freevol and Last Focus Visual Reserach Network (Curator: Adèle Tilouine)

19 Nov - 02 Dec 2015, 2 - 7pm

Echomusée de la Goutte d'Or, Ile de France


Raphael Bouyer, sans titre, série Conséquence, huile surtoile, 116 x 89 cm.


19 Nov - 02 Dec 2015
2 - 7pm


Echomusée de la Goutte d'Or
21 rue Cave
Paris, Ile de France,  75018
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The collective exhibition "Homéostasie" invites you to explore how visual art can help transform practices and attitudes regarding ecology from November 19th to December 2nd, 2015 at the Echomusée ( 75018 ) Paris .

The collective exhibition "Homeostasie" invites you to discover the works of Raphael Bouyer, The Dramstars, Rachel Catelain Thomas Monin, VS (Versus), Pierre-Olivier Cappello, Olivier Ulivieri and Guerilla Gardening at the Echomusée in the Goutte d'Or area, (75018, Paris), from November 19th to December 2nd.

The exhibition aims to question the balance of the relationship between nature and society through the contributions of eight artists working with painting, installation, photography and sculpture. It explores how visual art can help transform practices and attitudes regarding ecology, by denouncing environmental degradation by human kind, warning about the possible reactions caused by maladjustments, or presenting an idealized relationship between nature and culture.

The aim of the exhibition is to educate audiences on the importance of artistic creativity in the reflection about the environment sustainability. It will highlight the contribution of the artist in the ecological preservation and promotion of its own perception of environment.

This free exhibition wil be punctuated by an opening on Saturday, November 21th, 2015 (échomusée capacity: 80 people). Thereafter, a public debate between art professionals and ecology professionals about the impact of visual creation on the practices and attitudes that affect the ecology will be held Saturday, November 28th, 2015 (max 50 people in the room).

The exhibition was financed by crowdfunding on Ulule (75 donators)



Freevol association

Last Focus Visual Research Network association

Echomusée, Cargo 21


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