Portraiture, Landscape and the Citizen


09 - 16 Oct 2015, 6:30 - 11:45pm

Porte Maubec, La Rochelle




09 - 16 Oct 2015
6:30 - 11:45pm
Exposition supplémentaire
du 17 novembre au 9 décembre 2015
Espace Van Gogh


Porte Maubec
6 rue Saint Louis
La Rochelle,  17000
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This project in contemporary photography, proposes to engage the singular dialogue of five artists around two concepts, Portraiture and Landscape. Today, the fight against climate change reveals the two are vitally, inextricably linked.

Democracy and nature have long remained strangers. Today, the fight against climate change reveals that two are perhaps inextricably linked. Ecological citizenship, both individual and universal, brings together two key elements: portraiture and landscape. Human action can not be summarized in a few mythological figures, it is plural and shared; places and territories can no longer be seen as spaces to consume, they become vital resources to preserve.

This project in contemporary photography, establishes a dialogue between these two world views - of nature and of the human. The starting point of the process is a series of portraits made during the national debate on energy transition. Each portrait was then entrusted to a young photographer, to associate with it a landscape. The imaginary faces widens, meanings and possibilities multiply. The viewer is left to swell on man's place within the landscape.


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