GRRRAAAHHH! it’s stifling in here!


10 Oct 2015, 10am - 10pm

Pasar Santa, Jakarta

Seawall Pluit North Jakarta

© Cynthia Boll Photography/Utarakan Jakarta


10 Oct 2015
10am - 10pm
Cet événement est organisé à l’initiative des ambassades de France, d’Allemagne et de Grande-Bretagne


Pasar Santa
Jalan Cipaku 1, Kelurahan Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta,  12170
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The GRAAAHHH! event will be held on October 10 in Pasar Santa, which is one of the trendiest and liveliest places in Jakarta. It is a cultural and festive event related to the climate change topic.

The name of the event itself is inspired by the Indonesian word "gerah", commonly used to say that it is stifling. The slogan of this event: the climate changes, what about us?

This day targets primarily at Indonesian youth. Its objective is to increase youth awareness regarding climate change issues. In particular, participants will be invited to recycle, consume and live differently in a festive musical atmosphere, marked by attractions, workshops, stand-up comedy and live concerts.

The detailed program is available here:

This event is organized at the initiative of the embassies of France, Germany and Great Britain in Jakarta, with the Institut Français d'Indonésie.