Potential cities, architecture and anthropocene


25 Nov 2015 - 05 Jan 2016, All Day

Maison de l'architecture, Paris

HBLM-architecture-anthropocene-cadavre-exquis - copie

Henri Bony-Simon de Dreuille, Eric Stéphany-NP2F, Encore Heureux-Bertrand Segers


25 Nov 2015 - 05 Jan 2016
All Day


Maison de l'architecture
148 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin
Paris,  75010
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40 models, 64 original drawings by thirty architects, 90 reference images of the city in the age of Anthropocene: the exhibition "potential cities" offers an entry on the architectural and urban imaginary convened by climate change for thirty young architects.

As Paris will be hosting COP21, the event "architecture and athropocene" proposes in the Maison de l'architecture en Ile-de-France a reflexion on urban and architectural imaginary convened by climat change. Thirty young architects and some of their tutelar figures work on a common piece to think city at the age of anthropocene.

The exhibition "potential cities" articulates two moments : History and Manifesto. History aims to present the relation city and architecture entertain with climat and the idea of nature. It crosses several temporalities : the long term gives an overview on Paris’ territory since antiquity, the mid-term presents eighteen architectural projects of the anthropocene (1789 - 2015) and the short term analyses the constitution of the ecologist narrative since the creation of GIEC (1988-today). Manifesto shows two collective works built by thirty young architects and several symbolic figures. Drawing a cadavre exquis and collecting a common atlas of iconographic references, architects question the way the anthropocene modifies the architectural forms that are : the home which refers to the intimate, the square which refers to public and the limit that refers to sacred.

In parallele takes place the seminar "potential cities" that crosses visions of personnalities from various disciplines on dismanteling of three urban figures by the thesis of the anthropocene : the home, the square and the limit.

Wednesday 09 of december, 6:30-9 pm : Home at the age of anthropocene. With Philippe Chiambaretta, Nicolas Bourriaud, Françoise Fromonot, Fanny Lopez, Jean-Philippe Vassal, Han Walter Müller.

Thursday 10 of december, 4:30-7 pm : Square at the age of anthropocene. With Patrick Bouchain, Rotor, Catherine Jacquot, Caroline Maniaque, Mathieu Mercuriali, Jean-Louis Violeau.

Friday 11 of december, 6:30-9 pm. Limit at the age of anthropocene. With Christophe Bonneuil, Franck Boutté, Mireille Ferri, Djamel Klouche, Catherine Larrère, Dominique Rouillard, Nasrine Seraji.

Maison de l’architecture en Ile-de-France
Laboratoire Architecture Culture Société
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Malaquais
Leroy Merlin, Abvent, galerie VU, WIP


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