L’eau by LILYA


02 - 05 Dec 2015, 4 - 8pm

NICOLAS GAZEAU - Paris Luxury Design, Paris


Lilya Pavlovic-Dear


02 - 05 Dec 2015
4 - 8pm
Opening reception on December 2, 2015 from 6.30 to 9.30pm


NICOLAS GAZEAU - Paris Luxury Design
25 rue de Bourgogne
Paris,  75007
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The event is a presentation of the installation entitled Light Reflection on Water. Visitors have the impression to be under the ocean.

Water is at the heart of nature and our lives. It belongs to the cosmos and is one of the four essential elements among with Fire, Earth and Air.

My work is linked to those four elements. Water is like a goddess from antiquity with multiple faces.

I did extensive research about water. I made many pictures, sculpted paintings and installations. I use flexible and light materials in order to represent water. I cut many layers of canvas which are then assembled into waves, waterfalls and sea foam with paste, pigments and acrylic medium.

Through the cut-out sections, I introduce some light. The reflection obtained matches the surface of the water. Visitors have the impression to be under the sea.

With my palette of blue, green, turquoise, and gold, I glorify the element Water.

I would like to initiate visitors to appreciate this element and invite them to be conscious of the necessity to maintain its purity, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for ecological reasons and our survival.

Aktinos Gallery Non Profit (Paris)
NICOLAS GAZEAU - Paris Luxury Design


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