L’Apéro Bellastock

La REcyclerie

27 Nov 2015, 6:30 - 8pm

La REcyclerie, Ile-de-France



27 Nov 2015
6:30 - 8pm


La REcyclerie
83 Boulevard Ornano
PARIS, Ile-de-France,  75018
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The Bellastock Association initiates innovative and alternative projects around the architecture, land and material cycles. Come meet them at the recycling plant and chat with them over a drink, they are waiting for you impatiently!

Since 2011 Bellastock have worked on the issue of the re-use of materials, that is to say material worked and re-used in new construction cycles without imposing transformation. Bellastock inconceivable without building interest in the matter cycles of its raw state to its disuse. The association studies and manipulates these cycles to optimize the performance of the material.

Actlab, laboratory reuse Bellastock located on the site of the river eco-district of L'Île-Saint-Denis, an experiment of activity focuses on the introduction of reuse in the design of our cities. Architects, artists, landscape architects and students are regularly intervene to test construction materials derived from sites, which would eventually discarded without interference.


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