Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau

Lucy + Jorge Orta

04 - 10 Dec 2015, All Day

Grand Palais , Paris

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Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau


04 - 10 Dec 2015
All Day


Grand Palais
3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower
Paris,  75008
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As part of COP21 at the Grand Palais and in co-production with COAL, Lucy + Jorge Orta imagine a monumental Passports Bureau. Each visitor will be issued a passport and will be invited to sign a commitment charter for the protection of the environment and the future of the human race.

This work highlights the urgent need to consider the human dignity of people suffering as a consequence of climate change. The Antarctica World Passport is designed to encourage citizens across the globe, to become members of the Antarctica World Community, and to join a platform, which will bring people together to tackle human and environmental issues on a global scale.

Inside Paris’s famous Grand Palais and during the COP21 climate summit, Lucy + Jorge Orta will create a new Antarctica World Passport Bureau, where they will deliver tens of thousands of passports. Visitors will be issued with an Antarctica World Passport, in exchange for a commitment to join a community dedicated to the safeguard of the environment and for the future benefit of human beings.

With more than 50,000 passports already circulating, the passport is a tool to unite citizens, to fight against climate change and to speak out for peace. The artists would like to distribute 50,000 new passports during COP21 and increase the Antarctica World Community to 100,000 members!

On receipt of their passport, the Antarctica World Citizen pledges their support to:

- To act in favour of sustainable development through simple, daily acts.
- To defend natural environments under threat, as a global public resource.
- To fight against climate change generated by human activity.
- To support humanitarian actions aiding displaced peoples of the world.
- To share values of peace and equality.

Antarctica is a symbol of the unification of world citizens. The continent’s immaculate environment embodies all the wishes of humanity and spreads a message of hope to future generations. Since the first Antarctica World Passport was printed in 2007, it has brought together thousands of citizens from around the world, to respond to these global challenges we are facing.

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