Anthropocene Interventions

Interventions with Susie Lachal

28 Nov - 03 Dec 2015, 5:30 - 6:30pm

On the streets of Paris, Paris



28 Nov - 03 Dec 2015
5:30 - 6:30pm


On the streets of Paris
in cafes and on trains
Paris,  75000
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By gifting an object to people in the streets, on trains and in cafes the meshwork of information around Anthropocene Interventions reaches beyond the original office site. The hope is that people will accept the gift, view the website and upload a photo of their gift in its new home.

I propose to gift participants objects, that have emerged from the socially engaged arts project that occurred in an office space in Australia in 2014-2015.

The project in this office space engaged co-workers to view themselves as part of nature. Following that, a further event is going to expand the reach of the project and hopefully inform a new group of humans.

If individuals are willing to embrace a less anthropocentric view of the planet, there is a chance to disrupt the current trajectory of changes occurring as a result of the Anthropocene.

The hope for my interventions has been to extricate humans from their embeddedness in the everyday of their local context, creating a space for ‘thinking and acting otherwise’. It is through durational immersion that humans may experience personal perceptual shifts. This new thinking has the potential to lead to alternative perspectives and approaches to the relations we have with nature and our chosen place within the Earth’s ecosystem.

The contemporary urban office, in Australia, comprised self-contained desks, detached from the natural world through climate controlled air conditioning, computer screen interfaces and prepacked food – the only exception being large windows which allowed us to visually - but not bodily - connect to the outside environment. 24 co-workers experienced an entanglement with art over a twelve-month period.

This event, as part of ARTCop21 in Paris, will concentrate on one of the collaborative processes that emerged during the office interventions. Gifting involved the co-workers receiving a hand made art object and an email explaining its purpose. This resulted in an engagement with the project that was unexpected.

The purpose of this event is to extend the gifting process. I would like participants to take a photo of their gift in its new home and upload it to Instagram #antint @artcop21

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