Aqua Planetae

Exhibition by Carlos Montani

14 Sep - 30 Nov 2015, All Day

Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires

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14 Sep - 30 Nov 2015
All Day


Universidad Católica Argentina
Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1300
Buenos Aires,  C1107AAZ
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​Aqua Planetae is a collection of water samples from different parts of the World, treasured in a work of art, kept and reserved by artist Carlos Montani, as a legacy from humanity to future generations.

​​On March 22nd 2012, International Day of Water, Montani resumes the issue on water by projecting a mega piece, a true work in progress he calls Aqua Planetae, and as stated by the Latin term, is about the water on the planet.

To achieve it, he designed a way of collecting “waters” from different parts of the world. Water samples are offered by friends, acquaintances or simply by people who want to be part of the project by adding the sample of water from their place of origin or from faraway places such as the water of Lanin Volcano at snowbreak.

Marta Minujín collected water in Honduras and chose Montani to include it in his Aqua Planetae.

There is water from Base Esperanza in Antarctica, Easter Island, the Arctic Circle, India, Greece, Turkey and, of course, many corners of Argentina. All of them are, despite their remoteness, water.

“In 20, 50 or 100 years, when water will be more scarce than at present, this universe of primitive samples, just like primitive daguerreotypes, will enable our descendants to know the water each participant used to drink. I am moved just with the thought of it.”

At present, the number of samples is of about 1,600 bottles representing about 48 countries. All represented likewise, no hierarchy to differentiate them.

Aqua Planetae is a conceptual piece in progress, intended to make each viewer conscious of how intimately our life is linked to this source of life, which we all share the responsibility to take care of.

Carlos Montani
Universidad Católica Argentina