Arno Arts

29 Nov - 31 Dec 2015, 12 - 12:15pm

Watervallen, Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem, The Netherlands, Arnhem


Arno Arts


29 Nov - 31 Dec 2015
12 - 12:15pm
The performance will only last a few minutes but will be documented on
as of November 29.


Watervallen, Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Arnhem,  6814 BT
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In all my work I communicate with a direct and clear visual language.
I often use the cliché but in an overstated way.
The title “BANG” is based on the well-known images in comic-books.

With my performance “BANG” I primary review on my concern about the future of the Earth.
The performance is a reference to the “BIG BANG”, but refers more to an upcoming “FINAL BANG”.
But the most important meaning of this work is the title of my performance.
The Dutch translation of the word BANG is having FEAR, being AFRAID or SCARED.
My performance is based on my fear about the future of our Mother Earth.

This action is part of the project: “2° - Global Warming and its Environmental Impact”
organised by Artists in Nature International Network

Together with all the actions of this project, it will be documented on as of November 29, noon local time


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