Barthélemy Toguo: Bandjoun Station


07 Dec 2015, 3 - 5pm

Solutions COP21, Grand Palais, Espace Forum, Paris


Barthélemy Toguo_© Gérard Jonca / Sèvres - Cité de la céramique


07 Dec 2015
3 - 5pm
The event will be repeated on December 8 from 15:00 - 17:00 hrs.


Solutions COP21, Grand Palais, Espace Forum
3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower
Paris,  75008
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The project "Bandjoun Station" as part of Solutions COP21 at Grand Palais consists of the screening of the film "Bandjoun Station" by Thierry Spitzer and artistic-environmental workshops by Barthélémy Toguo in collaboration with youth organizations and schools in Paris.

The art project “Bandjoun Station” to be presented by ARTPORT_making waves as part of Solutions COP21, consists of the screening of the film Bandjoun Station by Thierry Spizter and workshops by Barthélémy Toguo at the Grand Palais in collaboration with youth organizations and schools in Paris.

The artist will teach young people about agriculture and what this means for a healthy and environmentally friendly life by showing and illustrating the example of Bandjoun Station in Cameroon. He will show solutions for a huge problem known to be one of the important causes of climate change worldwide: agriculture. He will teach about sustainable nutrition for every citizen and the social as well as environmental impact of this integrative model.

Bandjoun Station is a role model on the African continent for young people giving them the tools to create dynamic and feasible links between them and the collective of the residing artists contemplating artistic, environmental, agricultural and social practices. The artist will create collective art works with the participating students which will later be included in an exhibition.

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