Can ipods (and Chairs and Lampshades) Grow on Trees?

Installation by Chris Forman and Gavin Munro

09 Dec 2015, 7 - 9pm

Junction Cambridge, Cambridge


Chris Forman


09 Dec 2015
7 - 9pm


Junction Cambridge
Cambridge Leisure Centre, Clifton Way
Cambridge,  CB1 7GX
United Kingdom
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What might commerce in a greener world look like?
Can biology solve the problem of sustainable manufacture?
Can today's entrepreneurs can move forward with clean technology and commerce?
Join two pioneers in green manufacture as they rethink the way we make objects.

Gavin Munro, an artist and designer, constructed buildings and furniture with materials from driftwood to straw bales before he had an epiphany - why wait 40 years for a tree to grow big enough to make furniture?
Why not just grow a chair?
Chris Forman, a post-doc whose background is in theoretical physics, biophysics and nanotechnology, uses the idea of iPods growing on trees to explain how biology makes its own versions of batteries, displays and processors, using tiny nanoscale components.
There will be time for a post talk conversation with the community about applying technical skills to transition goals.

Cambridge Junction


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