Cantoalagua Marcha del Silencio, La voz de la Madre Tierra

Cantoalagua, Festival Basura Cero

29 Nov 2015, 10 - 5am

Centro Comercial Gran Estacion, Colombia

Avaaz marcha clima


29 Nov 2015
10 - 5am


Centro Comercial Gran Estacion
Av. Calle 26 #62-47
Bogota, Colombia,  none
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We will be marching in silence through the Downtown of the city of Bogotá, we arrive at the zero waste Festival (festival Basura Cero) where we will make a symbolic act to get our request of clean energy to the leaders gathered at the COP 21 in Paris.

After a journey of introspection, where thought, feeling and action focused on the transformation of energies and the request to Governments to make methods in line with natural processes, will reach shopping center where passes the zero waste Festival (festival basura cero) and presented the AWA group.

Walkers formed in a circle trying as far as possible contain participants and attendees who were already in place.
We will start AHHH intonation to make the Cantoalagua ¨sing to the water ¨ during this fraction of time the voice coming from the silence will be issued for all marchers.

At the same time in a symbolic act the great RINGLETE (pinwheel) will be placed in the Center, evoking the power of wind.
Once planted the Ringlete and all its meaning, AWA invite attendees to raise their left hand (female - mother) at the level of the mouth with the palm facing them, Blow his hands and move the fingers Delicately , alluding to the same wind energy, thought that flies and the purpose that travels. So the message of the present in order to see the transition to new energy rises in this collective breath and go to the Leaders and Governments gathered at the COP21 in Paris.

La Voz de la Madre Tierra
festival Basura Cero


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