Clouds | Meteoros

Installation by Lucy + Jorge Orta

26 Sep 2015 - 17 Jan 2016, 12 - 12am

Gare Lille Flandres, Lille


Clouds | Meteoros, Lucy + Jorge Orta


26 Sep 2015 - 17 Jan 2016
12 - 12am


Gare Lille Flandres
Place des Buisses
Lille, Lille ,  59000
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Lucy + Jorge Orta inaugurate their internationally recognized sculpture Cloud | Meteors in Lille Friday, September 25th at 19h. Suspended inside the Lille Flandres station, the monumental installation will welcome visitors to the new edition of Lille 3000 | Renaissance.

From September 26, 2015 to January 17, 2016, five ethereal clouds float over 80,000 people who pass through the city every day. Two clouds, originally created for Wires Terrace at St Pancras International Station in London, will be involved in three new cloud designed specifically for the Renaissance exhibition. The new sculptures represent a winged cherub, taking the traits of a teenager in the region selected by the committee Lille 3000.

"Meteor" is a word derived from ancient Greek, meaning "in the middle of." Clouds are always linkages between the real and the imaginary, between heaven and earth, lightness and gravity. They inhabit the skies of Renaissance frescoes, where they are often represented populated by secular and prophets, angels and deities. Throughout history, this celestial vault was a convivial space, learning and exchange. Just like their series 70 x 7 the Meal, which invites people to share a meal in public spaces, Cloud | Meteors is a public art temporarily suspended, like a breath of fresh air. press information


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