DramaDogs does CLIMATE CHANGE theatre action: COP21 & the power of Theatre!

DramaDogs, a Theater Company

06 Dec 2015, All Day

Santa Barbara DANCE ARTS, Santa Barbara City College, Any Gallery, CA.


Sol Hill


06 Dec 2015
All Day
3 separate events:
10:30 AM - Santa Barbara Dance Arts
2:30 PM - Santa Barbara City College
7:00 PM - Anyi Gallery


Santa Barbara DANCE ARTS, Santa Barbara City College, Any Gallery
531 E. Cota St., 721 Cliff Dr., 216 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA.,  93101
United States
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DramaDogs contributes to Climate Change theatre action with a day of combining the staged reading of EM Lewis's poetic Earth Duet and a Nia class, a yoga class and a powerful and engaging presentation on Global Warming.

Join DramaDogs, a Theatre Company, Sunday December 6th, in their staged reading of EM Lewis’ Earth Duet. This is DramaDogs’ contribution to the international CLIMATE CHANGE theatre action – a series of worldwide reading and performances intended to bring global awareness to climate change during the months of November and December 2015. On December 6th, Ken Gilbert and E. Bonnie Lewis will present the staged reading of Earth Duet three times; each time with an associated event intended to engage awareness, consciousness and conversation with those who are participating.

The day will begin at Santa Barbara Dance Arts at 10:30 am where Ken and Bonnie will stage a reading of Earth Duet followed by Ken teaching a Nia Class. The second event will happen at 2:30 pm in Santa Barbara City College Dance Studio (PE 113) with E. Bonnie teaching a yoga class followed by the reading of Earth Duet. The day completes at 7 pm inside the Anyi Gallery with a presentation about Global Warming facilitated by Adam Green, Environmental Studies Professor from Santa Barbara City College, ending with the final performance of Earth Duet.

Each event is free of charge. Donations are welcome.

DramaDogs does CLIMATE CHANGE theatre action is a joint venture between NoPassport, The Arctic Cycle and Theatre Without Borders, in support of the United Nations 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) taking place this year between November 30th – December 11th. The objective of CLIMATE CHANGE theatre action is to invite as many people as possible to pay attention to this historical world event and to participate in a global conversation.

DramaDogs, with their body-centered “theatre from the inside out” approach, and their belief in “experience as art” knows the power of visceral sentient experiences through movement and theatre arts. Combining the staged readings with Nia, yoga and science DramaDogs offers an experience of uniting us and creating dialogue and communication on many levels at three separate, yet unified events.

Gilbert and Lewis, local theater artists, became aware of CLIMATE CHANGE theatre action through EM Lewis when she presented them with her lyrical play Earth Duet. EM Lewis was the featured playwright of DramaDogs’ critically acclaimed, Dance Me to the End of Love: 8 Short Plays by EM Lewis, presented at Center Stage in October 2014. DramaDogs’ interest was piqued with the CLIMATE CHANGE theatre action project because of the significant global climate changes that the earth is experiencing, the COP21 Conference, and the project’s engagement of countries and cultures around the world to activate artistic freedom to stimulate conversation. Elaine Avila, one of the co-organizers, notes, “Coming together to tell stories is one of the best ways we have to organize and educate ourselves, to feel and to understand.” Gilbert and Lewis are creating DramaDogs does CLIMATE CHANGE theatre action as an all day event to integrate DramaDogs’ body-centered “experience as art” with Earth Duet, to explore alternative venues, to create multi-disciplined artistic experiences, and to include a scientific component to a broad sector of our community. Listen to a staged reading of Earth Duet followed by a Nia Class inspired by the play (come dressed to move), or dress for a yoga class to experience grounding and centering and connection with the earth followed by the staged reading. Attend an evening performance (dress to impress) that unifies the whole day with a scientific presentation on Global Warming (focusing on the work of COP21) followed by the staged reading.

Participate once, twice, or three times in this day of DramaDogs does CLIMATE CHANGE theatre action.

Theatre Without Borders, NoPassport, The Arctic Cycle, Anyi Gallery, Santa Barbara City College, EM Lewis.