Earth Hourglass


08 Dec 2015, 1 - 2pm

Miami Springs Middle School, Miami Springs


Daniel Dancer/


08 Dec 2015
1 - 2pm


Miami Springs Middle School
150 Royal Poinciana Blve
Miami Springs,  33166
United States
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In Miami, Florida on December 8th, 1500 students will form with their bodies, a giant, living, moving image depicting an Earth in an hourglass. They will perform the melting of the poles and then slip, a few kids at a time, like sand, to the bottom of the hourglass. The event will be filmed from a crane.

Is there any metaphor more potent for what's happening to the Earth and her climate than an Earth made of kids slipping, like sand, through an hourglass?. Standing in for all the planet's children, students at Miami Middle School (a ground zero location for climate change) will first, depict the polar regions melting by taking off their white shirts to reveal blue ones underneath. And then, on cue, the whole Earth will slip, a few crawling kids at a time, through the neck of the hourglass, to rest in stillness at the bottom.

The entire event will be filmed from above and on the ground. The completed work will be featured in a 3 minute film set to an original song written for the event and sung by children called "Broken Sky" . . . a plea to the world's decision makers to (as the song says) "activate a plan that's bold and true." The film will be released on December 9th.

This sky art event is one of 200 or so done by Art For the Sky over the last 15 years with schools. The 3 day program teaches children and staff the importance of developing a new relationship with the sky.

This event is organized by Daniel Dancer/Art For the Sky in collaboration with Miami Springs Middle School, Miami Springs, Florida. "Broken Sky" is a song written by Daniel Dancer and performed by Madeline and Conner Duncan with the children's choir from the Wallace Integrated School of the Arts in Kokomo, Indiana.