Installation by Tania Kovats

22 Oct 2015 - 15 Mar 2016, 10am - 5pm

Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester


Evaporation, Tania Kovats


22 Oct 2015 - 15 Mar 2016
10am - 5pm


Museum of Science and Industry
1830 Gallery, Liverpool Road
Castlefield, Manchester,  M3 4FP
United Kingdom
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Internationally acclaimed artist Tania Kovats explores the significance of our relationship with water and the world’s seas and oceans in a brand new sculptural work ‘Evaporation’, the second in the annual Cape Farewell ‘Lovelock Art Commission’.

Taking James Lovelock’s Gaia theory – of the earth as an interconnected super organism – as her starting point, Kovats' exquisite new sculptural piece explores global bodies of water and their crucial role as signifiers of climate change.

Comprised of large metal bowls reflecting the shape of the world’s oceans lifted from the globe. Each bowl contains a solution of salt and blue ink that gradually evaporates in a hydro-cycle, leaving a jewel-like crust of salt crystals in concentric rings. This will be an object with its own tides; different each time a viewer sees it.

Alongside this work is ‘All the Seas’, hundreds of glass bottles containing water from each of the planet's 200+ seas. This installation has been created with the help of a global network of people drawn in by the desire to bring all the waters of the world to one place.

Throughout the exhibition water will continue to be added to the work, as the 36 remaining seas are collected for this striking and thought-provoking piece. Follow the hashtag #TheSeaStories to find out about new samples as they come in.

BBC Proms ‘Gaia’ Composer Jonathan Dove will also bring world premiere of new composition ‘The Wave’ to this installation on the 25th October – a choral and instrumental piece responding to the work working with musicians from the Royal Northern College of Music.

On the evening of the 24th October at 7pm within the gallery space will be a wonderful in-conversation event between Kovats and Dove, led by leading Oceanographer Dr. Simon Boxall

Lovelock’s work focuses much attention on the significance of the planets’ oceans as a barometer of its health. As global sea temperatures rise and the impact of pollution is becoming increasingly clear, this work is more vital than ever.

Evaporation opens the Manchester Science Festival 2015.

A project by Cape Farewell with the enormous expertise and support of the Manchester Science Festival and the Museum of Science and Industry.