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13 Nov 2015 - 13 Mar 2016, 7 - 5pm

rauchmuseum, Freudenberg am Main



13 Nov 2015 - 13 Mar 2016
7 - 5pm
Every Wednesday and Sunday from 2-5pm


Freudenberg am Main,  97896
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The exhibition about aesthtics and sustainability, has been touring since 2010 in Europe and worldwide, will be shown now at the rauchmuseum in Freudenberg (GER). It integrates local knowledge and is accompanied by a side program which explores the necessary new alliances in the field of aesthetics and sustainability.

The finiteness of our energy reserves, the impending climate change, the shrinking of biodiversity have deeply penetrated and alarmed public consciousness specially after the failed world climate summits and just before Paris 2015 “nothing but compromises” have been reached. The question of possible individual action is more urgent than ever before. We need visions of a sustainable life that interconnect with the sensuality, lust and passion of acting on our own. EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW! aims at raising awareness for the fact that a constructive sustainability cannot get by without the arts and sciences. The exhibition demonstrates artistic practices that contribute to the preservation of the planet, intend to influence conscious consumer behaviour and be economically efficient; they also showcase artistic positions in which the boundaries between art, activism and inventions dissolve. The boundaries between artistic and technical creativity, between feasibility and idea are deliberately suspended. The artistic works include participatory projects and networks, the exhibition presents technical innovations and materials in the areas of renewable energies, climate change and re/upcycling. A main aspect of the concept is to let the exhibition tour, thereby retrieving it from the fast pace of the art market in order to allow the integration of the specific competence of the local artists, scientists and activists.

D-97896 Freudenberg am Main


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