Extreme Whether: A New American Climate Drama

Theater Three Collaborative, USA, & Cie De Facto, Switzerland

10 - 12 Dec 2015, 12 - 12am

Le Pave d'Orsay & Les Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris


George Bartenieff (Uncle), Kathleen Purcell (Annie) photo by Beatriz T. Schiller


10 - 12 Dec 2015
12 - 12am
Two different locations, two different start times, 3 readings :
- Dec. 10, 8pm, Bilingual Acting Workshop in French at Le Pavé d’Orsay
- Dec. 11, 7 pm, Fondation des Etats-Unis in English
- Dec. 12, 8pm, Bilingual Acting Workshop in English at Le Pavé d’Orsay.


Le Pave d'Orsay & Les Fondation des Etats-Unis
28 rue de Lille; & 15 boulevard Jourdan
Paris, Paris ,  75007 & 75014
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“Extreme Whether” a new American climate drama based on the lives and work of major climate scientists called “provocative and brave,” “laced with humor and danger” in the New York Times will have 3 staged readings in French and English, Dec. 10, 11,12.

This ArtCop21 climate change drama is a collaboration between the 20 year-old, award-winning, New York-based Theater Three Collaborative which developed the play and premiered it in 2014, and Cie De Facto, a new rising theater company in Switzerland whose artistic director, Nathalie Sandoz will co-direct and act. The bilingual cast includes New York theater legend, George Bartenieff, and Kathleen Purcell. Performances in French onDec. 10 and in English on Dec. 12 at the 50 seat BiLingual Acting Workshop.

On Dec. 11, at the 200 seat Fondation des Etats-Unis, the performance also in English will include a discussion with the audience led by Yves Figueiredo, Université Paris Sorbonne.

“Extreme Whether” by Karen Malpede is an American family drama. A major climate scientist and his twin sister, a publicist for the energy industry, engage in heated conflict over science and an inherited wilderness estate.

The story includes a gender-confused child who saves frogs and an oracular, Thoreau-like, Uncle, who promotes solar, wind and wave alternative energies. Inspired by the life and work of James Hansen, America’s foremost climate scientist, and Jennifer Francis, Arctic Ice Scientist, “Extreme Whether” explores the emotional dilemmas and the courage of climate change truth-tellers and, in scenes of magical realism, their love of nature.

Reservations :

- For Fondation des Etats Unis, Dec. 11 at 7pm :

- For Bilingual Acting Studio, Dec. 10 & 12 at 8pm :

Theater Three Collaborative, Cie De Facto, Bilingual Acting Workshop, Fondation des Etats-Unis