Project by Maud LC

18 Sep - 10 Dec 2015, 12 - 12am

Different locations, Paris

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18 Sep - 10 Dec 2015
12 - 12am
18th - 19th september : Le Festival du vivant invite JEMONDE à la Galerie Claude Samuel – Paris

26th - 27th september : ALTERNATIBA invite JEMONDE dans son Quartier culture - Paris

6th october : CASACO invite JEMONDE à Malakoff

7th october : L’Institut des Futurs souhaitables invite JEMONDE - Paris

4th - 10th december - L’Exposition Solutions COP21 via le Comité 21 / Club France Développement Durable/ Vivacités Ile de France invite JEMONDE - Paris


Different locations
Paris,  75000
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"And you what is your commitment?" JEMONDE explores Anthropocène to establish one poetic thermometer of the commitments of the citizens in echo with those whom will take States during the COP21.

The protocol JEMONDE is an exploration of the ANTHROPOCENE.The artist Maud LC urges the citizens to answer 4 questions: I am + first name....I lived in a world...My commitment...My favorite quotation + author...

The citizens can, sooner or later, to view a video, a lira of the already collected testimonies (more than 500 at the end of July), to discuss with the artist and to share their feelings, fears, hopes around the climate change and around the action(share) of the men(people)...

The citizens are so invited to take part in an artistic intéractive work and a living being, JEMONDE makes reliance between all. They can or fill (perform) " there live " a loose sheet that they will put back(hand) directly to the artist, or to fill(perform) a questionnaire " we line ":
https: // / to / yL448d

The protocol JEMONDE has for vocation in:

1. To encourage new individual and collective awarenesses on Anthropocène " we are all interdependent, 1 single Earth, 1 Humanity "

2. Present the commitment already supernatural of individuals' large number, memorize(store) it for the future generations,

3. To widen the number of citizens mobilized, committed(hired) to co-create a bearable development …
Objective: collect more than 2015 testimonies by the COP21

Public : above 7 years old