Tail of the Whale

Performance by Malvina

10 - 12 Oct 2015, 5 - 7pm

La Maison Rouge 93, Paris




10 - 12 Oct 2015
5 - 7pm
The performance of the Tail of the Whale is an itinerant work of art whose vocation is to involve as many people as possible. In October 2015, the event will occur in Montreuil during the Open House of Artists Workshops. Endosmose association support this project, we are looking for other places (hospitals , schools, businesses, cultural or sporting events , etc...) to raise awareness and bring within the reach of more openness to the world's oceans. The association also seeks a place to exhibit + 1000 pictures of all the participants of the performance.


La Maison Rouge 93
35, rue de la fédération
Montreuil, Paris ,  93100
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Participate in the creation of a living and evolving work of art!

The concept of Malvina performance, is to represent in a non-verbal language, the perfect image of harmony between man and whale with a sense of joy provided by the vital energy of cetacean.

Malvina, who painted "The Tail of the Whale" on a canvas of 12m, takes a picture of those who wish for his work. Each person involved in this project, means by its attitude, its accession to the beauty and power of nature. Malvina is committed to achieving its performance, any place and on any medium, for an indefinite period, until 1000 + photos and the number of participants giving the work its collective dimension.

An exhibition of all the photos will then be organized in a unifying place. Visual artist, and passionate diver sea and ocean, Malvina Berguglian is a renowned artist who works on the theme of marine life for over twenty years.

Montreuil, Le Parisien, EQR Association (Environmental Quality Research), The World Festival of Underwater Image, Office of Montreuil tourism ColArt International