Breaking the surface

Work by Michael Pinsky

25 Nov 2015 - 03 Jan 2016, 12 - 12am

La Villette - Canal de l'Ourcq, face à la Géode, Paris

Michael Pinsky

© Ian Beech


25 Nov 2015 - 03 Jan 2016
12 - 12am


La Villette - Canal de l'Ourcq, face à la Géode
Quai de loire
Paris,  75019
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A co-production by La Vilette and COAL for ArtCOP21. Echoing COP21, La Villette and ArtCOP21 invite Michael Pinsky to invest the Ourcq Canal with the work "Breaking the surface", composed of forty floating parts, either side of the 2 banks.

The Paris canal, historical and sustainable transport routes in essence, are a place of exchange and key resource in our history. But this ecosystem is very sensitive to climate, is also often the receptacle of waste thrown by residents. Invisible discharge that conceals our overflow of objects in its backwaters.

Using a team of divers and service channels in Paris, Michael Pinsky went to get into the deep waters of oblivion, domestic wrecks, whose community has cleared for exposing them to the surface.

Confronting society with its waste production, artist Michael Pinsky gives life and highlights on the surface of the channel: bicycle, container, shopping carts, signs, both strange and familiar.

The installation is accompanied by a soundtrack made from these metal objects out of the water. The public is invited to download it to their phone and listen close to the work. The sound objects used as veritable instruments, causes a wave of vibration that resonates in the body of spectators. This sound musical score is created in workshops with groups of adolescents living near the park and, as part of the mediation process initiated by La Villette.

The work has a positive effect on the environment by cleaning the canal in full sight of passers arraigned.

With this poetic and educational work, Michael Pinsky raises questions about the consequences of a gesture "banal", the cast, reproduced throughout society.

More information on the project

A project co-produced by La Villette and COAL for ArtCOP21


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