The Crystals

Exhibition by Milène Guermont

19 Jan - 19 Mar 2016, 10am - 5pm

Musée de Minéralogie / Mines Paris-Tech, Paris



19 Jan - 19 Mar 2016
10am - 5pm


Musée de Minéralogie / Mines Paris-Tech
60 Boulevard Saint-Michel
Paris,  75006
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Crystals are artificial mineral architectures concrete audible and tactile with interactivity. Incorporating sounds harvested in residence at Saint-Denis with locals, this work questions the construction materials such as concrete, its place in the city and its future development.

Accompanied by Synesthesia, Milène Guermont designed the project to create a series of sculptures that make connections between multiple architectures and people of Saint-Denis. In this artist's residency at Synesthésie the concept, collaborations with the territory (workshops with local associations, meetings with actors and thinkers associated with this territory), technical problem for the forms, the interaction scenarios and sound work were studied and will be made to be exposed for Nemo, the International Digital Arts Biennial in Ile-de-France.

This set of documents called Crystals. These are artificial mineral architectures, which are part of the series of sculptures Milène Guermont increased. Made of concrete sound and touch, they feature interactivity. Each piece is unique in its scenario of interaction, its "skin", its porosity, its lights and shadows. Their form derives from personal choice and iconographic research carried out at the Paris Museum of Mineralogy Museum that brings together one of the most remarkable new global mineral collections.

MEETING: synesthesia interactivity IN ART
Debate moderated by Anne-Marie Morice with Milène Guermont and Vincent Mignerot.
During this meeting will be discussed synesthesia in the art of XIX-XXth centuries, recent scientific and philosophical discoveries on sensory modality and multi-ownership concept by young contemporary artists working with digital on interactions and multisensory.
The public will be invited to discover the work.
Workshops will also be open to new contributions. In the presence of the artist and a sound engineer, a mini interview will be conducted on the occasion of the inauguration of the work. The final sound editing will be broadcast on the web and in particular on the site of Synaesthesia.

Creation in residence at Synesthesia, with the support of Arcadi Ile-de-France, the Ministry of Culture - DICREAM, the Departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis and SCAM.


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