Life in a changing World


01 - 31 Dec 2015, All Day

La Recyclerie, Paris



01 - 31 Dec 2015
All Day


La Recyclerie
83, Boulevard Ornano
Paris, Paris ,  75018
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From Nepal to Costa Rica, including Africa, do we share the same vision on the beauty of our planet ? The student organization CliMates answers this question presenting you the winners of its very first photo competition during its exhibition : Life in a changing World.

Bill McKibben - founder of - explained in the article "What the Warming World Needs Now is Art, Sweet Art”, that "if we want to move forward and effect meaningful change, we need to engage the other side of our brains. We need to approach the problem with our imagination”.

It is time for us to use our imagination, our creativity in the struggle against climate change.
This is the reason why the student think-and-do tank CliMates, committed to finding and promoting innovative solutions to climate change, has organized its very first international photo competition "Life in a changing World" for its international student network and then for the general public.

In the lead up to the COP21, CliMates wanted to mobilised the world's youth so as to have their perception on their environment.

From Nepal to Costa Rica, including Africa, ours participants had to give us a response to the themes proposed, using their camera, their mobile and their sensiblity.

Our panel of judges includes two CliMates members and the photographers Anna Katharina Scheidegger and David Bart, with the cultural climate organization Cape Farewell. They have selected the best photos according to the themes « Man working for Nature », « Water, Source of Life » and « Our amazing Biodiversity ».

Through this exhibition, we wants to highlight the beauty and the wealth of our planet, inspiring mobilisation and reflection to preserve it.

Cape Farewell
Anna Katharina Scheidegger
David Bart